Recipes from the Reata Cookbook


Now, in case you wondered what I do on my vacation weekend and in my spare time – maybe you don’t but I’m going to tell you anyway – I surf the internet. I usually start off looking for something specific, and then I get side-tracked. Last night, for instance, I started off checking E-bay for pictures of Mexican tin hearts – I am doing a series on them. From there, I segued to Mexican tin ornaments, then to milagros (heart-shaped), then to ex-votos – there are some AWESOME Italian ex-votos on sale right now. Then, I went to check for new retablos – those painted thanks stories from Mexico.

See how it works?

The day before yesterday, I was considering using some of my cajeta (goat milk caramel) in my Thanksgiving apple pie. I had already found my recipe for the cajeta pound cake on a site with recipes from Grady Spears’ cookbook: A Cowboy in the Kitchen. I thought I had also seen an apple pie recipe with the cajeta in it – but it turned out to be an apple crisp.

Now, I was born in Fort Stockton, Texas – my mother’s parents had a sheep ranch west of there. We used to spend Thanksgivings there, as well as a couple of weeks during the summer – I guess so that our parents could have a break! My grandparents took us on road trips through the Davis Mountains, so I have been to Alpine, Texas – and probably through Marfa as well. I have been to Langtry, to the Judge Roy Bean Saloon, and to Balmorhea to the big spring-fed pool over there. So, I consider myself to be a Texan (when handy).

My mother was just a teen when the movie Giant was filmed in Marfa. But I was probably in my teens when I finally saw the movie myself. I watch it whenever I catch it on TV and consider it to be every bit as important and epic as Gone With the Wind (which I also love). Reata was the name of the Benedict’s ranch – and it is the name of Mr. Spears’ restaurants in Alpine, Fort Worth, and Woodland Hills (I think that is north of Houston). Here is the URL to the restaurant website.

Mr. Spears now has 4 cookbooks to his name, and it looks like he’s going to be in a video something called The Cowboy Way. It looks like a cooking show – it’s about time! The cookbook I want is A Cowboy in the Kitchen: Recipes from the Reata and Texas West of the Pecos by Mr. Spears and Robb Walsh. It looks like it could be had for $12.00 second hand. I was thinking it would be a good gift for my mother, who is from West Texas, or my father, who loves to cook, but I probably just really want it for myself – they can borrow it if they like!

Here are some links to sample recipes that I have found so far on the internet. I am still laughing over the first link, which I found a few minutes ago when researching Grady Spears: It is from the Pepcid AC (heartburn medication) website!

Okay, I must stop now – I have to go eat pie and ice cream.  Next – some cool recipe sites I came across in my search.


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  1. Hello, I’ve been trying to find the recipe for the Reata’s Banana Pudding. They no longer have it on their menu, and I’d like to be able to make it at home. If you find it, please let me know.


  2. I ate dinner Friday night, March 19 at the restaurant in Alpine, TX. I would love the recipe for the Avacado Caesar salad dressing and the tortilla soup. Could you help me?

  3. Great concepts on this site. It’s rare these days to find sites with information you are looking for. I’m thankful I found this website. I will definitely bookmark it or even subscribe to your rss feeds simply to receive your new posts. Keep up the nice work and I’m certain some other people researching valued information will definitely stop by and benefit from your site for resources.

  4. We just had lunch today in Ft Worth, creamy chicken soup was delicious, would like the receipe, we are from Ohio..Thanks

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