Today was payday.  In addition to that, I also received the final 10% from my Fund for Teachers grant.  In addition to THAT, I had a very annoying 5th period class.  So, I decided to go grocery shopping.  There is a Harry’s Farmers’ Market (owned by Whole Foods) not far from my school, so I decided to stop there, rather than going far north to the State Bridge location.

My way of decompressing is to wander around the farmers’ market, looking at exotic goods.  I must have been there for an hour and a half.  Here is what I bought:  1 lb. of boneless rib-eye steak (to try out on the George Foreman grill), apple-cherry pork sausage links, lamb mint sausage links,  boneless turkey thighs, pomegranate martini mix, Fox’s ginger crunch creams (not a ginger-lemon biscuit, but still good!), Indonesian sauce packs, grilled asparagus salad, butternut squash and cranberry salad. feta and red pepper dip, hummus, pita chips, white wine, feta cheese, two organic frozen dinners, key lime soda, and hand-milled peanut butter.

I spent my money like poor middle-class trash!  And I still had to go to the grocery store around the corner and get bread and cold medicine!  I found some pan de muertos to bring to school tomorrow.  I also located some cajeta and membrillo to cook with this weekend.  We have had no trick-or-treaters.  I am about to go to bed now!  Oh, the steak was great – I am very picky about steak and usually find it tough.  But this rib-eye was medium-rare to medium and still very tender!  Yay, George Foreman grill!


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