All I Wanna Do…


…is sleep, cook, and eat. And that’s pretty much what I did this weekend.

Friday, we all tried to high-tail it out of the school as soon as the kids left – about 12:40 PM. I headed to RuSan, and ordered 7 pieces of nigiri, and – for a change – a “Gone With the Wind” roll. Yummy. I sent my first salmon roe back because it tasted a little old, and they made me another. If I ever have any time off early, or have to stay on that side of town for a late night thing, I always go to RuSan. It’s cheap and good!

My original plan was to go straight home, but I was obsessed with the loss of my cupcake boxes. I thought I might find some more at Michaels’ so I stopped at that shopping center before heading out. BUT, before that, I spied a TJ Maxx Home Goods store, and decided to pop in to look for my latest “must-have” gadget: a Dutch oven. My father had given me an iron Dutch oven a while back, but I think I am not a good cast iron caretaker. I wanted a Le Creuset or something like it, but I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

I ended up with a very beautiful Chantal Talavera enameled iron pot – it’s a very unique shape. I had originally lugged out a traditionally shaped cobalt blue pot, but the Chantal pot caught my attention. I could not seem to find an example of the pot, but it is shaped like this, only in cobalt blue. The lid is beautiful and I will definitely be able to serve from it at the table. I just read an article in Vegetarian Times on One Pot cooking. Of course, I want to try it!

My Oreo cookie cupcakes were a big hit – they were truly awesome! I gave some to my colleagues, both to the testing team (we were doing ITBS testing) and to my department cohorts. I also brought some to my mom when we met her for dinner at Fellini’s that night. I had 4 left, and would not have had any more for myself if I had not come upon my husband starting on the third. I took it from him and explained that, if there are an even number of items to eat in the fridge, that he should only take HALF!

Spurred on by the success of the cookie cupcakes, I immediately started thinking of other cookies to use. This meant that I spent a bit of time Saturday (after I got up at 1PM) looking for a certain ginger cookie with lemon filling. I went by Whole Foods, and didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did buy some awesome lamb sausages, a purple cauliflower, and two Moosewood frozen entrees I had been wanting to try.

I made a great One Pot Meal using my lamb sausages, pasta, potatoes, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Of course I didn’t follow one of the recipes in Vegetarian Times – I just kind of used them as a guideline. Lamb sausages – yum!


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