Setting Up Shop


For the past couple of days, I have been re-tooling my CafePress shop: Maison Celeste.  CafePress is a wonderful resource – I have been using it to sell my designs for years.  I started out with individual shops for each of my designs, because that was the free way to do it.  Then, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a store.  That way, all of my designs are showcasel-gallo-1.jpged together and there is a coherent theme.

I knew that I needed to re-do some things, but kept putting it off.  Two weeks ago, I made this elaborate inventory sheet with the names of my different shops within Maison Celeste.  I have 76 designs up and counting!  Talk about a daunting task.  CafePress has added so many new items and t-shirt colors, and I felt like I was losing sales because my designs were not offered to their full potential.  I was going to painstakingly go through all of my shops and check off what I was already offering, then go and fill in with the new products.

After doing that for one shop, I knew that was going to take weeks!  Instead, I opted to just re-do them all.  It’s easier than it seems.  CafePress now allows you to mass edit things like shop names, design descriptions, price markup, and deletions.  Then, I learned how to make up product sets for different types of shops and saved them for future use.  That way, I don’t have to go through the process of picking products each time I edit a shop.  I have a different set of products offered with my simple Loteria images, and a more elaborate set to go with larger format designs.  I also plan on re-tooling my collages offerings – I don’t think that people need a thong with one of my works of art on it – although I definitely offer those for appropriate Loteria cards!  😉

So far, I have redone Celeste’s Loteria – offering one shop for the simple card designs and one shop for my calendar prints.   I tried making one shop using both, but it got too complicated – I was leaving some things out and making duplicates of otherelvenadolite.jpgs.  I set up a new section with newly Altered Loteria Cards, including two versions of El Gallo, and my lovely Diablito Azul.  Next, I will do the same thing with my Loteria Quilt shop – separating the original cards from their larger calendar formats.

Next week, testing will be done and I will have to return to my normal class routine – forcing students to learn French using a computer.  Today, we can leave at 12:45, so I think I will go and have some sushi for lunch.  I deserve it.  I haven’t been to RuSan’s for a while.  I had invited my mom, but she has to work.  Then, I will go home and probably take a nap.  What else do I do?

I made some lovely Oreo Cookie cupcakes – pictures coming soon.  I got the recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor cupcake book.  Here is a lovely pictorial someone did of their Oreo cupcakes.  They are awesome tasting!   I was going to bring them to school in the cupcake boxes I bought last Sunday, but for the life of me I cannot find them.  It’s maddening!


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