The Weekend


Well, I don’t have a lot to report from this weekend.  On Friday, I went to La Botana after work for a little snack (food commiseration for my horrible 5th period class).  I brought cash, since I am pretty sure that my credit card number was stolen there in May.  I even read a post on AccessAtlanta mentioning a similar experience.  It did not stop the person posting from recommending the La Botana in Lilburn, but they warned people to pay in cash because someone was stealing credit card numbers… Good cheese dip and margarita, though.

On my way home, feeling “re-invigorated”, I called a couple of people.  I called my husband and suggested that we go out and listen to Mudcat, a band I used to hang out with years ago.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I got home, got into bed and took a nap.  Of course, when I woke up, I didn’t want to go anywhere…  But I had made a promise to my husband, so I dragged my B-hind into the shower and got ready.

It is obvious that I don’t go out often.  In fact, going out two Fridays in a row is a big stretch.  I haven’t seen Danny Dudeck and his band in maybe 5 years?  I have not been to the Northside Tavern, the dive where they play on a regular basis, in a long time either.  Imagine our surprise to get there, only to find cars parked everywhere – for blocks around.  Now, the Northside Tavern is not that large.  Could all of those people be there for Mudcat?

We got more and more curious as we drove around, looking for parking.  Finally, we passed a long line of people waiting to get into an event.  Apparently, a new club had opened.  That’s why the Ethiopian Parking Mafia was out… We didn’t want to pay to park, but finally gave up and drove into one of the temporary lots set up off the street in office building parking lots.  I rolled down my window, and my husband asked the man how much it would be to park there.  He said “Thirty dollars.”  We asked him to repeat himself, sure that we had misunderstood.  Again, he repeated that parking would be $30.  We asked if there was other, less expensive parking available and he said, “Yes, maybe there’s a place for $20.”

We later found out that Atlanta was hosting the BET Awards, and that the after-party was at a club called Compound.  No wonder there were so many Hummers and Escalades about!  We ended up asking the doorman at the Northside Tavern about parking, and he suggested we walk from the West Egg Cafe down the street.  That worked.

On Saturday and Sunday, I was plagued by a sore arm and hand.  My thumb really hurt, so crafting was out.  I went in for a massage on Sunday, and that seems to be helping.  I then went to Perimeter Mall to check out the new Sur La Table store.  That was fun.


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