Little Altars Everywhere


pul-set.jpgEvery day, I receive an e-mail message – actually, three – from The Daily OM. This is a new-agey site with an often insightful horoscope, and also a meditation for the day.  Of course, there is also merchandising involved, so I get postings of new items from their store.  Usually, I just trash them, but the Subject of the e-mail read “pop-up altars” and I couldn’t resist.  I love the idea of folding items, and I love to make shrines, so this looked neat.

Of course, they are Hindu and Buddhist altars for meditation,  but there are all sorts of possibilities.  It would make a great idea for an altered book.  It also reminded me of Karen’s Whimsy, a website that has a gallery of Reliquaries that the artist has made from board books.  She has some really super things!

Bonus!  I just found one of the pop up altar books on for only $3.91 from a seller!  I’m getting it to see how it’s made.

Yesterday, I stopped by a cigar shop near my mother’s house.  In the past, I had picked up boxes from the Tinder Box in Lenox Square Mall.  I used to work at Crabtree & Evelyn, and every time I would go down the escalator, I would see piles of boxes outside the store, free for the taking.  That was before cigar box purses braziliasambabox.jpgbecame so popular.  I once got to the point where I had over 50 (maybe even 100… you know I’m a packrat – and had no real idea what to do with them.  I’m not into making purses.  I eventually gave a lot of them away or sold them at garage sales.

Since I have been spreading my artistic wings, I have really been drawn to assemblage art.  And I have started to accumulate boxes:  Altoids tins, AOL tins, and cigar boxes.  So it was with great gladness that I heard that the guys at the cigar place had some to give away.  I came out with at least 20.  Now, I need to make something with them!  I actually got two that had two doors on top instead of the usual 1 hinge.  One of them was very Brazilian, so I gave it to my Brazilian friend.  Isn’t that a cool box?   Now to find something to do with the others!


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