My Second Job


Today I worked on a couple of orders.  I sold a Blue Dog Shrine on E-Bay, along with a blue Guaredcrossredux.jpgdalupe Cross.  I’m waiting for the e-check to clear, but I want it to be ready to mail when it does.  My biggest challenge in this biz is getting things shipped on time.  I also sold my green loteria cabinet, a red Guadalupe Cross, and a sheer Guadalupe Shrine.  Good stuff.  I just so often come home lately depleted from school that I don’t have the energy to work on orders.

I am trying to do things ahead of time and THEN put them on E-Bay. But sometimes Sunday night comes around and I just go ahead and put up things for auction.  Then, when they are ordered, I make them to order.  That is also how my shop works.  There are many things – collages, assemblages, and story boxes – that are made, but the crosses and shrines are made to order.  I love CafePress, because I just upload the design, choose the merchandise, and wait for them to do all of the work.

So now I am caught up – I even finished up 5 other sheer shrines tonight.  I really want to do more collages, and I need to frame the ones I have.  I framed two of them, with the help of my mother, for a show last May and they look fabulous.  There’s so much to do – and so little time to do it.  And – I’m paying for a domain name that doesn’t have a website yet!!!!

In addition to all of this is my “real” job.  This week alone, I have done grades for 5 times the students than I am used to teaching, sent out conference letters for parent-teacher conferences next week (I will also be translating as needed), started a new unit with my students, and I still have to complete my lesson plans and the curriculum map for my course.  No wonder I’m tired!

Oh, while listening to the latest CraftyPod podcast, I found another cool podcast website.  It’s called Good Food.  I listened to a great podcast that touched on – among other things – chestnut pizza, Paris markets, water in West Africa, and chilies.  Then, I hit the jackpot:  Eyeball Tacos!!!  I live for that stuff!  Now, I wish I was teaching Spanish!  I would definitely have my students read that!!!

I don’t know if I got to talk about the tacos de sesos (brain tacos) that I had in Morelia – I also had some brains in Atlixco.  I have to say that I was not that impressed.  They had a similar taste and texture to cooked oysters.  But eyes!!!!  I don’t know if I even have the “guts” to try that!  So, I need to get myself to Santa Barbara or Chicago to see.

Okay, time for bed.


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