Cupcake Fever…


Friday night, I did something that I rarely do – I went out and listened to music until 2:30 AM.

My husband is a semi-regular attendee of Metalsome Inc., karaoke backed by a live rock band.  He has been going off and on for the last year or so.  Sometimes, he takes great pains to choose a song ahead of time and practice it – warming up his voice before leaving.  My husband is a trained operatic tenor, so he often takes theses things seriously – maybe a little too seriously.  After all, he’s going to a bar to sing karaoke for an audience that is mostly smashed…  Other times, he goes unprepared and “allows” himself to be coaxed into singing.  Still other times, he goes and doesn’t sing at all.

This past Friday, there was a special event.  The opening act was a band called Y-O-U.  They had a multi-media show, including a fantastic video called Moviekiss, that is an animated Lite Brite show.  After that, members of the band, along with other guests did a Yacht Rock show.  It was supposed to be called 80’s Gold, but they didn’t think that the younger audience would get it.  It was very entertaining – my favorite rendition was Reminiscing, performed by Metalsome member Ganesh.

I really wanted to leave by 1AM – most of the audience were youngsters.  I had no idea how they would even know some of those songs!  There was an older couple sitting next to us – I say older, but they probably were our age (sad, but true.).  At the break, they disappeared, so I went to my husband and professed my tiredness (despite a two-hour nap before going).  I said, “The other old people have left…” and he laughed.  Turned out I was wrong – they were back after the break.  Then, when one of the singers did a bit of a parody of Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown, he was ready to leave.  When you are doing a tribute show, you do not mock the people you are honoring!

“What does this have to do with cupcakes?” – you may ask.  Well, for my birthday, I received a lovely 3-tiered Cupcake Courier from my sister, and I had yet to use it.  I had been thinking about making cupcakes this weekend – lemon cupcakes, to be exact.  While we were walking the streets of Virginia Highlands before the show, we passed by the Belly General Store.  Very savvy, they had a window open and were selling cupcakes and other snacks to the late evening crowd.  I had one of the Cola cupcakes, and although it was good, the night heat and humidity had made the icing a little too melty.

So, yesterday, I woke up at around noon and went shopping.   I stopped by WalMart and looked around.  I am still mourning the demise of the Zarela Loteria line, so I have not been to WalMart too often.  I used to go every other week.  This time, I picked up a shower curtain liner for my husband, and wandered a bit more.  I did find that they sell blueguadalupeminishrineforinternet.jpgthe Elvis fabric I bought on E-Bay to make shrines out of – that’s good.  I also picked up a long-sleeved shirt with black crowns and fleur de lis on it.  I bought a new purse – a little bigger than my small black purse.  But, wonder of wonders, after looking around Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabrics, I finally found the paper flowers I was using in my small Guadalupe shrines!  Yay!!!

I also bought a box of Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe (Butter Recipe Golden) cake mix to experiment with.  At Kroger later on I bought a box of Pillsbury Moist Supreme Classic Yellow cake mix,  a jar of lemon curd, lemons, Jello lemon pudding, buttermilk, cream cheese, butter, and a bag of LemonHeads.   I was ready to experiment.

I will post the recipe in my next entry – right now, go check out my E-Bay auctions!


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