Eat, Sleep, Teach


That’s all I do.

Oh, I had a great relaxing weekend in the mountains – the North 40 Lodge was so nice. I really like that the rooms are detached. I stayed in the Mountain Laurel room – a fine room with a king-sized bed all to myself. Now, I had no wi-fi or internet connection and I could not get the satellite TV to work – so my only connection to the outside world was the cell phone. I didn’t use that much. I slept a lot.

I arrived on Friday night at 6:00 PM, just as I figured I would. I was almost to the end of my slasher book on CD. I checked in, and went to get something to eat at Jonie’s Fireside Inn. I had the fried catfish basket with fries and a glass of wine. For dessert, I had coconut cake. I listened to the guitar player play Neil Diamond and Jimmy Buffet songs while the other diners talked about renovations to their lake homes. Joni had just returned from a 3 month vacation.

When I got back to my room, I turned the AC down to 65 degrees and went to bed from 9PM to 9AM the next morning. I almost just stayed there, but I needed to eat. I got dressed, got in the car, and just headed out. I ended up going toward Hiawassee. I stopped at a group yard sale in a bank parking lot and bought a little trinket. I had lunch at the Hole in the Wall diner in Blairsville (Breakfast served all day – but they were out of biscuits and grits!) – I had a hamburger.

I was eating my DQ Blizzard in Hiawassee for dessert when I espied a store called Designer Threads. I decided to check it out and found some really cute clothes. I found a new designer: Eva Blue – I bought about 3 tops – they fit really well and will go with my wide Weekenders’ pants. I also bought a long sheer cotton tunic and a pretty skirt with sequins. The only thing I have not worn yet is the Patti LaBelle scarf poncho I couldn’t resist buying. Do not mock me – I’m still looking for my turban so I can be Auntie Mame!

I returned to the room for a nap – of course! I did take some time earlier to write down a couple of things: I made a list of any positive things I could find about my current job assignment. Then, I made a list of all of the things I must do in order to not get fired – they are being so picky right now. I also made a list of things that I am not sure about – gray area stuff that they may or may not be checking for. I didn’t do a lot of writing, journal-wise. No use dwelling on negatives.

I ate another local place – Pazzo’s Pizza – for dinner and had 3/4 of my pizza left over for lunch the next day. I stayed up a little later, reading Oprah magazine. The next morning, I woke up with just enough time to spare to get packed and check out at 11:00 AM. I look forward to going back. That area around Lake Burton is really beautiful.

I am still not ever going to say I am happy about my assignment to computer lab French. This past week, there were 4 good days, and one awful 5th period on Friday where I sent 3 students out of the classroom and will need to write them and 4 others up when I return on Monday. The good news is that the first 1/4th of the year is almost done.


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