Burnt Out


And we haven’t even reached 40 days of school!  I really hope I make it to the end of the school year.  It has been particularly hectic lately because I have been scrambling to get my Post Fellowship Report in for my Fund for Teachers grant.  I finally finished my Reflective Report the night before last at 1:30 AM.  Somehow, I forgot that part.  Or just how big it was supposed to be.

I did a Power Point presentation about Arts and Mexico.  I started out saying that I was just going to do it, and not worry if it was not perfect.  But, of course I wanted it to be perfect.  It may actually come in handy if I find some way to go to some ESOL convention and present.

I spent the week before last making those skull magnets to send to the Sampler.  I sent it on September 17th with what I thought was a signature confirmation.  The deadline was September 20th, so I was sure it would get there in time.  But so far I have heard nothing from USPS, nothing is posted on the Sampler contributors page, and although I have sent two e-mails to them, no one at the Sampler has responded.  I will be really upset if they are lost in the mail.

Add to that having to attend meetings that I didn’t expect to have to attend, writing completely new lesson plans, etc.  Okay, enough complaining.  I consulted Tarot.com and was told to go and spend some time alone to “assimilate and process.”   So, I’m going away for the weekend.  Alone.

I started my research last night – looked at B & B’s, searched Travelocity for hotel deals, and found one place that I had been wanting to visit for a while:  Serenbe.  It’s this country inn/farm/community that is being developed south of Atlanta, in Palmetto, GA.  I called them several times and didn’t get a call back, so this morning I did some more searching and found the North 40 Lodge.  It’s in the opposite direction – north, in the hills.

I packed a bag last night, so I am going to leave right after school.  No husband, no dog – I’d like to say “no computer” but let’s be realistic…  I have the end of my book on tape – Darkly Dreaming Dexter – to listen to.  Ahhhhh, nothing like the story of a serial killer to help you wind down for the weekend!


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