The Sampler


smalldodmagnets.jpgIt has been a while since I have contributed to The Sampler. I want to get in on the October Sampler because it will be good publicity for some of the Day of the Dead items I need to sell. I still have coffins and skulls that I bought two years ago that I have yet to decorate.

While browsing Party City last week, I came across a package of party favors that were those little puzzles with four holes and four little balls that you are supposed to get in the holes at the same time. Of course, I am on a roll with those, having snagged about 80 square wooden ball puzzles at JoAnn Fabrics. I made mini Virgin of Guadalupe shrines out of those.

With these little beauties, I am making little Day of the Dead magnets. I opened each puzzle by popping the clear plastic half out with a small nail file. I then took out the cardboard insert and the little plastic balls. I used the insert as a template to cut out floral foil to put inside the puzzle – as a background. Of course, I then had to apply a circle of glitter glue to the outside to hide any cut marks or spaces.

I have a large quantity of flashy skull confetti I found last year, and they were the perfect size for the centerpiece. I added sequined eyes with glitter glue centers, for a Day of the Dead sugar skull look. I tried to put some sort of other embellishment on the skull, but there was not enough room. Instead, I put a halo of glitter glue dots around the top of the skull. As a last minute touch, I sprinkled some small iridescent confetti sifted out and saved for just this purpose. Then, I put the plastic top back in, attached a magnet to the back, and voila!

I was going to make over 200 to send, so that I could qualify for the free banner ad and other perks, but my left arm and hand rebelled after 125. I don’t know if you know this, but squeezing glitter glue can be rough on the old hand and shoulder muscles! I am going to experiment with glue and the kind of glitter you sprinkle – there’s got to be an easier way! Oh, and omitting the glitter is NOT an option!

The floral foil (which I have a lot of, in many colors) works really well for cutting out multiple circles – I could get 16 out of one template, but had to be careful not to make them too uneven. The glitter glue as a border hid a lot of mis-cutting. I did find that regular old Elmer’s did not work well with all of these slick surfaces. I ended up using Jewel-it, which is a pain to get off of the fingers!

I will package these individually, and put my card in with each one. Then, I may make sets of magnets to sell on my Etsy site. I still have 125 left, plus I bought 3 more packets of 50 today on my shopping rounds.

For the past couple of weeks, on Saturdays, I have been sleeping kind of late – until 10 or 11AM, and then getting up and driving around. I usually stop somewhere to eat – today, it was RuSan, for sushi. Then, I took the long way home up Roswell Road, stopping in to look for free cigar boxes at the nearby cigar store (as if I need anything else to embellish!), then at another Party City (where I picked up napkins, little skeletons, and those 3 bags of puzzles). I went to Swoozie’s a stationary store, and almost got out without buying anything, but the French Bull napkins seduced me. Along with my other weaknesses, I cannot resist beautiful paper design.

My last stop was at Office Depot, where I got ink refills for my printer, magnet tape for my magnets, and other mundane items. I returned home to find my husband watching “Jason and the Argonauts” on the Sci-Fi Channel – on the little screen in my office. The satellite dish installers pulled a fast one on us and left without hooking up the TV in the living room. We are still trying to sort that one out.

School is going – I have had a couple of meltdowns, but I have also been working on getting ultra organized. A fellow teacher turned me on to, and I think that’s going to be a lifesaver! I spent most of Thursday and Friday setting up my account (I have a 30 day free trial – but who are we kidding? I am definitely going to get a subscription when that month is up) and I also enrolled all of my students in E-Pals, so that they can participate in an exchange with French-speaking schools around the world. I think I can keep those kids busy for a while. We’ll just take it one day at a time.

Don’t forget to check out my E-Bay auctions!


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