All things bright and beautiful


I’ll admit this now: I have a problem. A confetti problem.

I don’t know when it started: I guess it was with the shrines (see My Etsy Shop if purple dog openyou don’t know what I am talking about). I use sequins to make flowery embellishments on my shrines. It used to just consist of six-petal sequins in alternating colors framing the image in the center. I would dot glitter glue in the middle to make them look like flowers. Then, I got a little more creative: five petals, two layers of alternating petals – a tiny sequin in the center instead of the glitter glue.

Then, I started using that cute punched out Mylar confetti to accent my story boxes. I found all sorts of cute shapes: palm trees, shells, hearts, flowers, butterflies, skulls, parrots, bats, bugs, boots, bibles, crosses, suns, moons – there is almost no end to the possibilities. This would be great if I could buy my confetti in small amounts, but even a small bag is a lot!

Of course, I have an organization system for my confetti. Of course, I do. I have about 8 of those indispensable 17 compartment organizers that you can buy at Hobby Lobby for about $1.99 – I use those to organize a lot of things – especially my Loteria images. I have my sequins sorted by color group: pinks, reds, oranges, golds, greens, aquas, blues, purples, and silvers. Then, I have separate boxes for some themed sets – casino, beach, western, etc. I came across several packets of confetti letters at Eckerd – in their $1 bin. I haven’t organized those yet, so I have to sift through all of the letters to spell out any words I need.

You can get confetti almost anywhere – party stores, craft stores – anywhere they have party stuff. Yesterday, though, I decided to try another search for confetti in the shape of fleur de lis. I know that they exist – they were decorating favors from a Mardi Gras parade my niece and nephew were in a couple of years ago.  And I did find them – in a couple of places – on the internet.  Check out Confetti Party Headquarters – all they do is confetti (and other things of Mylar).   There is also Chico Party – which I think is the same company, but the site is a little nicer to navigate.

Of course, in browsing these sites, as well as the good old Oriental Trading Company, I found yet MORE shapes – some that I have to have!  I even found the confetti alphabet! Not that I will be running out of those for a while.


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