My newest creation


I was in JoAnn Fabrics and looking through the dollar bins at the cassquidpuzzleamall.jpgh register.  I had seen these little mazes before, but yesterday I had an idea.  I first bought one, brought it home and checked to see if the plastic cover would pop off.  It did, with the help of a finger nail file. Then I went back to JoAnn’s and bought more.

I was prepared to pay $1 each for them, but I noticed as the cashier was ringing them up that some were $1 and some were 50 cents.  So I stopped her to see what the difference was.  The ones that were $1 were safari animals and were the newer design, but they were mixed with the “summer” themed mazes, which were going for half off.  I had her take the $1 ones off of my bill, then went over and sorted the puzzles, buying 83 of the 50 cent ones.  Luckily, it was a weekday morning, so I didn’t hold many people up!

Now I have made them into mini shrines!  I had a lot of dismembered (or should I say, incomplete) Virgins of Guadalupe from the edges of my Alexander Henry fabric that I use for a lot of my shrines and other projects.  I hate to throw away scraps, because you never know when you can use those little pieces. I had already cut around the head of one of the scraps and used that to put in a shadowbox.  So I went through and found any spare Virgin faces and I cut those out and put them in the boxes.

blueguadalupeminishrineforinternet.jpgThe boxes are painted and I have used a variety of colors. Of course, I added the obligatory glitter, then I put some mini paper roses that I had lying around inside and put the plastic cover back on. The only thing added since I took the photo below are a few more glitter glue dots on the outside of the frame – oh, and I will varnish them, too.

I decided to put something on the backs of the shrines, so that they could stand alone.  The back is cut from a holographic folder, one of many I bought at WalMart for use “someday”.  My challenge was to not put too much in the shrines, as they are so small.  I have tons of sequins, and may make sequin flowers later if I cannot buy more of the tiny paper ones.  I remember buying them on sale at Hobby Lobby, so they may be discontinued.

I have been wanting to take part in the Art-O-Mat project for ages, and I think this will be just the ticket.  I will sign and number them, of course.  At 2 1/8th inch squared and 5/8ths inch deep, it fits into the regulation box (since they use recycled cigarette machines, the box has to be that size.).  It is a tiny bit snug on the sides, but I will make it work.  People purchase the art with a token worth $5 and I will get 1/2 of that.

It will also be good publicity.  My name will be up on the Art-O-Mat contributors site. I will also put some literature with it in the box so that the buyer can be referred to my other websites.  It could be really to get accepted, I have to send in a prototype, boxed and wrapped in cellophane. There’s also an application to fill out.

The Art-O-Mat site tells you to wait to make more, but I am also going to sell them on E-Bay and Etsy.  I plan to sign the ones I make for those sites, but I will make a limited number for the Art-O-Mat and sign and number them.  I don’t know how many I will make – the minimum is 50.  I am supposed to receive checks quarterly, I think, but I am not really doing it for the income.  I think it is an awesome project.  We have only one here in Atlanta – at Whole Foods on Briarcliff.  I believe I wrote a blog entry about it a couple of months ago.


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