I don’t know if I have mentioned this lately, but I have a couple of auctions up on E-Bay. I purchased some pulspinkescapulariofront.jpgeras (bracelets) from a guy in Guadalajara – they are very much like the Distroller pulseras. I also bought a couple of leather bracelets and two types of scapulars.  I had also bought a couple of other brands in Guanajuato – Blessed Bands and Chic-Wave.

Apparently, these cloth ribbon bracelets are very popular in Mexico.  They have them advertising soccer teams, political candidates, towns and states…  I have a feeling I’ve said this before…  I bought a couple of San Antonio ones as souvenirs of our visit to the Rincon de las Solteronas at San Miguel restaurant in Morelia.  I wish that I had bought more at the flea market in Guanajuato – they were not as inexpensive a the Coolceras, but there were a lot of them!  Oh, well!

I have had two days of school so far.  I am doing okay, because I am assessing.  That means  that I am giving tests… Yesterday, redescapulariofront.jpgI had them write something.  Today, I gave them a listening test.  Tomorrow, it’s grammar.  If I can find a reading assessment, I will.  So far, they are very cute, and my numbers are low.  I wonder if that will change on Monday.  Maybe there are people who think school starts then.   It does in Gwinnett County.

This year, our school is enforcing a uniform dress code.  It is very interesting.  We teachers are rejoicing.  We are so tired of sagging pants and baggy t-shirts on boys and too short and too revealing clothes on girls.  One time, I almost made a boy and a girl exchange tops:  He was wearing a t-shirt that was way too long, and she was wearing one that was way too short.  The teachers have the option of dressing in uniform, or of wearing business dress.  Dress down Fridays still hold – I am going to have to smarten up my casual wardrobe.  I am one of those people who favors sweat pants…

I love my new classroom – it’s quite large.  I also got an extra sofa moved in and put my patchwork quilt on it.  I have covered the bulletin boards with colorful tie-dye flannel and with plastic shower curtains (dichos and loteria from Zarela).  Now I have to figure out what to put on them.  But I have been busy organizing my papers and my teaching materials.  Maybe one day I will have a filing cabinet to put them in…  Well, nothing’s perfect!


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  1. Olla
    Soy miembro del Regnum Christi. Estuve en Chile, Frutillar para Curcillo de Espiritualidad y he disfrutado mucho de la Virgencita. Me pregunto cómo puedo comprar o importar los bienes para vendr aquí en Brasil?
    Muchas gracias,

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