Artemio Rodriguez loteria and other possible gifts…


2007loteria1.jpgHere is a possibility for a birthday gift! I have been tooling around the internet on Google, checking for loteria decks. I just found this at Mexican Sugar I already have one of Artemio Rodriguez’s books – a collection of woodcuts, many of them loteria cards. Some of the designs are definitely R-rated.

Artemio Rodriguez was born in Tacambaro, Michoacan Mexico in 1972. He began by studying agronomy at the Universidad Autonomo Chapingo and was later introduced to art when he apprenticed and learned letterpress printing from Juan Pasco, a master print maker working out of the Taller San Martin pescadoer near Rodriguez’s hometown.

As a print maker who works primarily in black and white, Rodriguez’s signature style emphasizes simplicity and clarity. European medieval woodcuts and the great Mexican print arti2007loteria3.jpgsts such as Jose Guadalupe Posada have been influential in Rodriguez’s print making career. Though comfortable working in a wide variety of artistic media, Rodriguez regards his ten years as a print maker as the beginning of a long quest. His larger goal is to keep exploring and promoting printmaking until he feels he has contributed something important to the medium. He fully expects this to take a lifetime. In 2002 he founded La Mano Press in Los Angeles California. La Mano Press is an artist-run center dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of printmaking.

Rodriguez’s work has been featured in galleries in the United States and Mexico. He has also illustrated and published several books. A long time ago, I found a woodcut that he made for his son. It was called The King of Things/El Rey de las Cosas. Now it has been published! Here is a link to a review. And tonight, I realized that a loteria game has been produced. This would make a great birthday gift! Hint, Hint.

Another thing I want – I saw it in Oprah magazine. It’s called the Cupcake Courier – it carries 3 dozen cupcakes!!! I know what you are saying: Celeste, aren’t you ocake_main1_sml.jpgn a diet? Yes, but why should everyone else suffer? I have only postponed my experimentation with cupcakes. I am very inspired by blogs like Chockylit’s Bake Shop – she is truly thinking out of the box. Dig this recipe: chocolate cupcake stuffed with ginger caramel, frosted with mango ganache, and topped with a mango-Ginger won ton.  Isn’t that fabulous?  I also found this bakery in Oakland, CA called Whiskie Bits – awesome sounding flavors!  Soon, I plan on playing around with Mexican caramel and a dessert called Chongos Zamoranos – making them into cupcakes!  For my students…

I am trying to think of other things I want for my birthday.  My mother has already gotten me this really cool Talavera plate of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Wheat just bought me a work chair for my desk.  I was thinking of giving myself a party, but after this week of unpacking boxes and sitting in training classes, I am already tired.  I wonder if I will have the energy to party after one full week of teaching classes…  I’m so lame.


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