Back to School


I have been back to school for the past three days. Tuesday was a “voluntary” teacher training day – we had training for the Middle Years Programme that our school system is adopting. The deal is that we don’t have to come on Dec. 21st if we were present Tuesday. Wednesday was more of the same, but in different groups. Also, Wednesday was the system “kick off” for the teachers. I received my 10 year pin – I can’t believe it’s been that long!!!

It does seem like a long time, however, since the day I started back to teaching as a “traveling” French and Spanish Connections teacher at the original Sixth Grade Academy. After four years, that program was canceled, and I became an ESOL teacher. In the past 10 years, I have gone from having only a shared office to sharing a classroom to losing that classroom and going back to the office. Then, I was housed in a trailer – I really liked my trailer (I would go in on weekends with my dog, and the only thing I lacked was a convenient restroom!).

Since our move to the old high school, I have had 3 official classroom changes (the one last year didn’t take and I stayed in the same classroom). So far, I have had two years per classroom. My new classroom is large, but has no windows. On the pro side, it has a LOT of electrical outlets – my last one only had three. There are also built in cabinets, shelves, counters, and a large closet, so that I have plenty of shelving with the things I bought last year. I finally had a little time to survey my place, and have started moving furniture around.

Today, I plugged in my microwave and tried to heat up lunch, only to find that the oven no longer seems to be able to heat. It was made in 1994, so I guess it’s time to say “RIP, old microwave.” I will need to buy a new one, because I am spoiled. I also really want to replace my fridge. I inherited my brother-in-law’s college fridge, which is a good size – it’s about 3 feet high – not a little one like I had in college. Still, it is getting old, and I am really coveting one of those shiny stainless steel babies at Costco.

I really need these things to keep on the straight and narrow on my diet.  I had a slip-up yesterday (ate school food and went to On the Border for dinner).  Then my husband showed me some of the video footage he took of me in Mexico.  I definitely need to lose weight!!!  So, I don’t want to blow it.

I have been on a strange schedule, because I am still living the late night owl life – watching Letterman and surfing the internet until after midnight.  Then, I have to get up early (6:00) in the morning.  And it will only get earlier as the students approach!  So far, there has been one morning where I woke up at 5:30 and could not go back to sleep.  Then there was yesterday, when I didn’t want to get up!

I am in the middle of organizing my studio downstairs.  I have put like items in boxes and labeled them.  I have arranged things on shelves.   I have sorted beads, sequins and other elements into boxes.  I have done the same with loteria cards.  I am already brainstorming uses for many of the items I have been hoarding – some will be used for school projects, and others will be developed for Maison Celeste.  Stay tuned!


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