New Assemblage Piece on Etsy


virginmaryblue.jpgI finally got this piece on my site.  This piece started out with a Virgin of Guadalupe that I encrusted with sequins. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but I had a large piece of canvas board that I put inside of a frame.  I put the sequined piece smack in the middle, and was stuck for a while.  Then, I added a background of different papers with a serape striped border.   Actually, I started with the border, which came from a set of Fiesta party napkins from Garden Ridge!

I then decided to use a patchwork design of various papers to frame the Virgin.  In the foreground, I added some painted flowers that I made from the bamboo flowers on my chicken baskets.  It makes a little platform for the Virgin to stand on.  The pink roses add another unexpected element and they break up the regularity of the patchwork background.

The frame is hand-painted in two colors of turquoise – originally, I had the whole background in light blue, but I didn’t like it.  The frame was originally antiqued gold, but I painted it turquoise blue and highlighted the flower and leaf border.  I am very pleased with the result.  I know that my work is not everyone’s cup of tea – but I like color.  It makes me happy!

Today,  I got started on my new diet.  I have a blog for it – I recycled the one I was going to use for Mexico.  I don’t remember exactly when it was that I picked up an article called “The Frozen Food Diet.” I am pretty sure it was while I was waiting in an examining room during my physical – about 6 months ago. I picked up an old issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, and came across the article.  At the same time as I was reading this, the Jenny Craig program was getting a lot of publicity with Kirstie Alley as a spokesperson.

I did look into the program, but am shy about committing that much money at the moment. I also visited a lot of other sites that provide calorie-controlled meals to people who are dieting – there are quite a few, and they have some very attractive food. Some of it gourmet-quality, organic, etc.  So this is a try at keeping my own regime using purchased entrees.  You can go to the site if you are really interested – I won’t bore you here.  This will mean that I am going to try not to be cooking so much – I am going to try and channel that creativity into my art.

I am also working on getting my E-Bay auctions settled and mailed out.  The Coolceras (the Distroller-style bracelets that I purchased in Mexico.  I sold a whole lot of bracelets (pulseras, in Spanish) and a couple of the scapulars already.  I also have orders for crosses, Blue Dog shrines, both kinds of Guadalupe shrines, and fabric.  A pretty good week, but I have to get organized now!

My husband just got finished organizing all of our photos from Mexico.  He spent hours on, figuring out how to work out the hierarchy of sets and groups and collections.  He has a couple of panorama shots that are great!  I still have to go in and write comments, but go and check the pictures out!


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  1. Wow I love this! It’s so beautiful and funky. I just found your blog while looking for inspiration for my swap that I am doing on deities and the divine. Check it out if you have a chance!

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