Forget Harry Potter, I’m waiting for Magic Tree House!


Yep, Monday with a Mad Genius is coming out at the end of August! Last spring, I began developing a project incorporating books of the Magic Tree House series and the Time Warp Trio series. I noticed at first that a few of my students were choosing the Magic Tree House books as library books. I was hoping that they would find something more challenging to read, but then I started looking into them. I had already bought some of the Time Warp Trio books for one of my nephews, so I was familiar with them.

As I started reading them, I noticed that there were a lot of historical themes in common – both series are designed to spark children’s interest in history (MTH also covers scientific themes – I could do something with that later.).  In my typical anal retentive way, I did a lot of charts, matching books and themes, but I didn’t have time to implement the plans last year.  I did do a short unit using the TWT’s book “Me Oh Maya!” and a videotape of the TV series episode to teach about the Maya.

Anyway, with the new MTH book, I can match it up with TWT’s book called “Da’ Wild, Da’ Crazy, DaVinci.”  Cool, huh?

Oh, we did go see the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, and then we drove by a Barnes and Noble to watch the people queuing up for their Harry Potter VII books!  I know – we are one wild and crazy couple!!!

Today, I drove over to North Point Mall in Alpharetta and did a little shopping.  I went into their JoAnn Fabrics just to make sure I had hit that looking for my Alexander Henry Virgin of Guadalupe fabric.  I had.  I was still able to find a little bit more of the Kathy Hall Tree of Life fabric – a beautiful fabric with angels in the trees.  I can only seem to find the yellow.  The black also seems to be available to buy online.  I wish I could find the blue!

I also bought some kind of sticky wax used for scrapbooks and to hold candles in place.  I am looking for something approximately like the cera de campeche used in Huichol yarn and bead paintings.  We’ll see if it works.  At Michaels, I bought a bunch of Martha Stewart fiesta decorations on clearance.  I’m all ready for a birthday party now…  My birthday in August 14th.


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  1. I was taught by a city Huichol and use microcrystaline wax but would like to use bees wax and resin if I knew the proportions. Did you have any luck in your search? thanks, tobias

  2. No – I bought some tacky wax and yarn, but haven’t trued it yet. I also bought some cheap colorful modeling clay that I am going to experiment with – Maybe we can make “spaghetti” out of it and use it instead of yarn!

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