Distroller Update


One of my goals in going to Mexico this past summer was to visit a Distroller store, if not actually contact the founder of Distroller.  Now, while many people are not aware of this fashion phenomenon, I did run into some that were.  My conversation teachr, Paloma, had actually been interested in opening a store in Morelia.  Unfortunately, she had the same experience that many people have:  She contacted the company through their website, and no one got back to her.

While I am pretty sure I don’t want to open a shop, I have been reading as much about Amparin Serrano as the Internet will allow. I finally got to visit a store in Zapopan, a tony suburb of Guadalajara.  I bought a variety of items, including bumper stickers, pulseras (bracelets made of custom loomed ribbon), scapulars (without any medals inside), bookmarks, folders, wrapping paper, a notebook, and an agenda.  I considered myself pretty restrained – I got out with spending under $100 USD.

Now, I spoke to the manager of the store, who happened to be a man.  I asked him for ideas on how to contact the company for franchise information.  When he suggested that I go to the website, I explained that I (and many others) never got a response to our inquiries.  He said that he would look up the main store (the first store opened in Mexico City), but I would have to call him back for the number, as he couldn’t contact them on a Saturday.  I did try to call back once, but he was not available.  Still, I have the number should I need it.  Anyone else interested might try going to the Distroller website and finding the number of a store to call for information.

I don’t know why they are not answering – I have no inside scoop on the Distroller company.  Maybe they are just overwhelmed with interest and are trying to keep quality control tight.  I didi read that they were planning on designing a line for WalMart, and that it was possible that they would be opening the first U.S. store in Los Angeles.

I have come across many other variations on the pulsera trend.  Many have nothing to do with Distroller and its mock/serious religious symbolism.  Many are made to represent soccer (football) teams.  Others are made to promote political candidates and humanitarian causes.  I came across some at San Miguelito, a restaurant in Morelia, that were souvenirs of the place and of the Rincon de las Solteronas (the Spinster’s corner).

In the flea markets of Guanajuato, I came across scads of Distroller copies.  Some had no trademarked brand name.  Others were made by a company called Blessed Bands.  I have looked up Blessed Bands, and have still not found an actual website for a company.  There is, however, someone from Jalisco selling them on the Mexican version of E-Bay at 15 pesos each (minimum order of 100).

There is another company called Chic-Wave.com that actually has a website.  I bought a couple of their pulseras in Guanajuato.  They are good quality, and yes, they can be ordered through their website.  The minimum order was about $250 USD for 1000 bracelets, but they were not very clear on whether they could be a variety or if they had to be the same.

Finally, I got in touch with the maker of Coolceras – a man who is also from Jalisco.  I bought a small amount from him and have them currently on E-Bay.  If they sell, I may buy more!  Check them out!


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  1. I’ve just come across the distroller watches ($150!) here in Caracas,Vnzla. Way out of my price range for a plastic wathc. I’m heading to Guanajuato in December. Could you tell me where the flea markets are there and which days they’re open? I’d love to pick up some pulceras and roam the flea market. Thanks

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