Now I’m back!


It’s good to be home again. I have mainly been sleeping, although yesterday my husband and I went to pick up our dog, Lupita, and then waited around on the other side of town for Mom’s dog to be ready. While we were there, I went to Wendy’s and ordered take out (Wheat is not eating right now – more about that later.). Then we went over to the polo fields out by where we used to live. Then I went to Bruster’s for ice cream.

Lupita seems none the worse for being separated from us for 5 weeks. In fact, I was kind of disappointed that she did not erupt in yelps and fling herself at us. It’s sort of like worrying about your child’s first day of school, only to find that they didn’t really want to come back home afterward!

We had just gotten home, and I had settled down on the fold out sofa down in my office (with the dog), when my Dad showed up. I was expecting him to come back on his return trip from Virginia, but I did not expect him so soon. In his defense, he did call my cell phone and our home phone and leave messages, but Wheat and I are so used to being without phone that we didn’t bring one cellphone with us when we went out. It was all I could do to make myself get up and be social.

I love my family, but there are times when I have to just be alone and vege out. It is part of the gift and curse of being tri-lingual (even bi-lingual). I am usually the person put in charge of communicating with the outside world in a Spanish or French-speaking country, so the past couple of days of travel have been very busy for me. I really want nothing more than to stay alone in my house and be silent.

I am also fortunate to have made two more sales from my Etsy site – so I need to make those crosses. I plan on hitting E-Bay pretty hard, too – selling some things that I bought in Mexico, as well as my own art. I have two more weeks until school starts!


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