Daily Archives: June 21, 2007

Patzcuaro, Part 3


Okay, it’s already Wednesday night, so I will have to work fast. I wanted to add that we have uploaded photos onto my Flickr site. We are up to the max, so I may have to upgrade or find another place to put the other pictures. I will be writing comments as fast as I can.

On Sunday morning, Wheat and I ordered a little more of a tame free breakfast – I ordered a fruit plate and what I thought was going to be bran flakes, yogurt and honey. Wheat ordered oatmeal. Well, Wheat got a bowl of milk with about 1 tablespoon of oatmeal in it. We had to send it back and explain that Americanos NEED more OATS in their meal… When I was offered my choice of cereals, bran flakes of any kind were not in the offing. I had a choice between Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and something else sugary. I chose the Frosted Flakes and added them to my sugary yogurt.

So much for trying for a healthy breakfast! At least the fruit was unadulterated!

We decided to hire a taxi to take us to some of the villages a….

AND I LOST THE REST OF THIS ENTRY. CURSE, CURSE, CURSE. IF I AM PATIENT ENOUGH, I will try and rewrite it tomorrow. For now, just go to the Flickr site. ;-(