The lost entry…


I knew that I had done this entry, but almost couldn’t locate it!

By the way – my husband is also keeping a blog on this trip. You can read it by going to and accessing the blog.
Day Two of Classes: I think I have everything worked out as far as payment and class schedule. Yesterday, after I took my pre-test at 9AM, I went to all four of my classes, and ended the morning at 2PM. I thought this was an exception because my husband’s schedule went from 9AM to 1PM. But no, they have me scheduled from 10AM to 2PM, so our schedule is staggered.

Here is my schedule – from 10 to 10:50, I take gramatica (grammar) with Rosy. Then I have practica (practice, right?) with Alejandro from 11:00 to 11:50, where I go over sentences using the grammar point taught in lesson one. We get a 20 minute break. At 12:10 I go to a class called “no verbo” taught by Lupita (yes, I told her that was my dog’s name). Finally, at 1:10, I go to conversation with Paloma.

Then the school Spanish director realized that I was signed up for 4 hours of classes, but only scheduled to pay for 3 hours. I figured that out last night, and was planning on going with it. That was before I found out that classes would last until 2PM. After going back and forth, I figured that either conversation would be dropped if I had 3 hours, or I would have a different conversation teacher at 9AM. I really like Paloma a lot – she knows all about arts in the area and has even inquired about opening a Distroller franchise, so she knew what I was talking about there. Therefore, I decided to let things stay the way they are.

Not that I will be sleeping late or anything. I am having some trouble sleeping because there is no air conditioning. Last time I stayed in Morelia this was no problem because the weather is very mild and comparatively cool at night. The problem is that I am now staying on an upper floor, and the air circulation to our bedroom is not ideal. So it is a little stuffy. I will get used to it – maybe I will buy a fan.

Although there are no early morning crowing roosters (thank God), at 7AM sharp the church bell begins ringing on the quarter hour. I don’t know what the system is – it will ring about 17 or more times each quarter hour. There is no way to tell time by the church bell – you have to have a point of reference first. Our alarm clock is set for 7:30, but I am pretty much just lying around before that. Pretty soon after the church bell rings, the boys come by to pick up the trash. They ring a bell constantly as they go along to let us know they are coming. Sometimes one boy follows another (or the same boy comes around again?) about 10 minutes later, then they come pretty often in the morning and in the evening.

Yesterday, we didn’t do much since we were tired from lessons. After a pretty bland dinner (Wheat was having a nausea problem), my husband and I went back to the school to use their internet connection. We were able to use Skype to call both my Dad and my Mother at about 2 cents a minute. It was pretty cool. Then, we did a little web surfing until the school closed at 9:00.

Today, after classes, we went out to eat at La Picola Italia. It was a neazalcemural.jpgt little place. I ordered a mushroom bruschetta appetizer, a Mediterranean salad, and pasta with eggplant and swordfish. I was going to share this with my husband, so I told the waiter. He ended up separating all of our food (except the bruschetta) into little individual plates. That was so awesome.

We then started our research by going to the government palace, where there are great murals. They were painted by Alfredo Zalce, one of the last great muralists in the tradition of Rivera, Orozco, and Siquieros. We spent long time photographing the murals, and we may do a videotape. One of the murals documents the history of Morelia (which used to be called Valladolid), with neatly lettered explanations of important events. I have some ideas for using murals in conjunction with teaching history and time sequence. The other mural is a tribute of the many types of people who make up the culture of Michoacan.

Finally, we located and visited the Mercado de Dulces and did a quick lap. I have been keeping my eye out for Loteria decks and games and I finally found my first on the trip. I bought two for 30 pesos and have already opened one of them. To my surprise and delight, it had a silvery backing. Apparently it was printed on unused Downy clothes washing detergent cartons! Obviously, it’s pirated. It has borrowed images from Don Clemente, as well as other pirated Loteria decks, but it has some unique images, like the “elk” and the “squirrel.”

I just got an e-mail from my mother with a report on the dog. We just spoke to her last night, and things were fine. Unfortunately, after she spoke to me, the neighbors petitioned her with a complaint. Apparently Lupita barks non-stop when Mom is out of the house and the neighbors can’t take it. So it’s off to doggie camp for her.

I may have to skip my paleta tonight. I plan on starting a “paleta of the day” commentary. Last night I had a cajeta paleta – it was good, but the stick was short. I am working on my scoring and will get back to you tomorrow

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