Daily Archives: June 11, 2007

Estamos en Morelia


Well, we got here yesterday without a hitch – oh, once I retrieved my $660 passport.  It also turns out that the young lady at the airport office was a former student!  I taught her 6th grade Exploratory French or Spanish.  She´s 20 – no, I don´t feel old… 

We made our connection in Houston, customs in Mexico City took no time at all, and our taxi got us to the Poniente bus station in time for the 2:00 bus to Morelia.  We arrived there at about 6:15, after taking a nap during an old TV movie about the O. J. Simpson trial and watching another movie called Shattered Glass (it was in English with Spanish subtitles – we are not officially in Spanish mode yet). 

When we got to the address of our apartment, I couldn´t get anyone to answer the doorbell, so I was afraid we would need to go to the Posada de la Soledad after all.  Turns out I wasn´t pushing the button in hard enough.  Wheat rang and the son of our new landlady finally answered and showed us to the apartment, which has a separate entrance.

The apartment is fine, with two bedrooms, a large kitchen/living room/dining room area, and a bathroom.  Originally, we wanted to bring our dog, but there is no way Lupita could have made it up the iron spiral staircase that leads to the apartment!  The steps are strips of metal with 1/2 inch to 3 inch spaces between them! Crazy!  There is also a little rooftop terrace, but we haven´t taken advantage of that yet.

Today, we woke up and met our landlady, Rocio (either her first or middle name is
Celeste).  She took us to the mercado, which is very near us.  We looked around a bit
with her, then separated.  We went to eat a big breakfast in the square – we had
dinner at another restaurant last night. We decided to go to WalMart to get a lot
of stuff, like cereal and tequila, and went back to the market afterward.  It was
about closed down, but we bought some fruit and vegetables. 

Sra. Rocio told us that there is a solution to put in the water you wash vegetables
in – it´s basically iodine.  We have a big bottle of water which is changed by someone
else.  It´s all pretty cool.  At the moment, Wheat and I are at an internet cafe
– wireless is free, but I felt we needed to buy something.  I am on an 8 peso/hour
computer while Wheat is on my computer.  We were told by the Baden Powell people
that there is no wireless internet available at our apartment, but there is a wireless
connection.  I asked if we could gain access to it, and Rocio said yes, but she
didn´t sound very enthusiastic.  My husband has this whole speech prepared (that he wants ME to deliver) about how trustworthy and computer savvy he is, but I don´t think we will have to go that far.  It sure would be handy, though.  We start classes tomorrow morning and will have internet access and wireless there, but it would be great to be able to write and blog from the apartment.

I will try and post tomorrow – time to walk back home and get ready for our first day of school.