Where is my passport?


Typical. I am so organized – I have all of my hotel reservations made, I have sent a detailed itinerary to all who need to know, I THINK that I have it all together. Then, last night, I went to get my passport so that we could make copies to leave with my brother-in-law… and I can’t find it!

I spent a couple of hours looking around the two places that it HAS to be: namely, my office or my bedroom. I have meticulously moved everything off of my computer desk, and out of the writing desk upstairs, and so far I have had no luck. I was trying not to tell my husband, because he often reacts to small problems by wigging out a bit. So, I warned him not to react, and he didn’t. He said that he is sure that I will find it. He also added that it may not even be necessary to have it to go to Mexico.

Now, in the past this may have been true. My sister and I used to travel with my parents into Mexico with only a copy of our birth certificate and an affidavit from a notary public. And I am pretty sure that my Dad had little trouble four years ago when he traveled separately with us to Mexico – he has never had a passport.

But according to Travelocity, I must have a valid passport to enter Mexico – mainly to return to the U.S. So I continue to search…


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