CafePress Doodling


Yes, I know that I leave in 3 1/2 days. Yes, I know that I slept until 11AM (but I do get stuff done at night!). So, what have I been doing the last hour or two? Contemplating my CafePress Store. I often check in to my account page to see what has been ordered recently. Sales have been a bit low lately, so imagine my glee when I saw that one person had ordered 8 of my Loteria coasters online! And those puppies are not cheap! So, BOOM! I just cavalier_king_charles.gifmade $25 without even trying!

I was really pleased to see that someone actually purchased one of my Tattoo Logo T-shirts. I played around with the tattoo designs about a year ago when I was going through an Ed Hardy fascination phase. I had not sold one thing in that line until this week! I struck up a conversation with a woman the other night who had a tattoo or two. She sounded like she expected me to disapprove, but I assured her that I love tattoo design – it’s just that I do NOT like needles. Also, as my husband pointed out, very few people our age have tattoos. It’s usually the 30-somethings that are into that.

Anyway, last night while watching CBS re-runs, I finally was able to correct the misspellings pointed out in my Quilt Loteria store. I had spelled “owl” incorrectly (bujo instead of BUHO) and I had not put the ñ in my araña – I had just left the “n” naked. I had to go into the Photoshop images and correct that, then upload the new images, delete the old ones, and also change the shop names and images. But, now they are correct.

Unfortunately, I lost the e-mail of the former Spanish professor who wrote me about these oversights. I had also been invited to joint some Loteria group (maybe on Yahoo?), but now I can’t because I lost the e-mail. So, if you are that person, please contact me again – I want to join!

Having started to fiddle with my site, I pondered the problem of having too many designs and needing to update my products. CafePress is coming up with cool new products, like maternity and plus sizes. I have been meaning to get more organized with my shop set-up, and what better time than 3 DAYS before leaving for Mexico? So far, I have devised a chart system that I will use to keep track of each store, it’s sub-stores, and products. I did one just for the apparel in my Loteria Quilt shop, and then I stopped. I need to work on other stuff!

While at CafePress – reading about all of the amazing money-making opportunities offered there (they claim that someone is making $100,000 a year!) – I came across a fabulous site. It’s called Dogs of War, and it has some fabulous items! He has bumper stickers that say things like “Your honor student is merely a pawn in my Border Collie’s diabolical world domination plot!” and (for a dachsund) “I killed a man in Vegas just to watch him die!” I’ll bet he’s making a lot of money…

Hmmm… maybe I should be starting a dog breed loteria? Any way, go check out his shop – the Pug shirts are great, as are the Chihuahua’s with the flag of Mexico!


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