Morning in Decatur Square


This morning I got up uncharacteristically early for a Saturday. I had made an appointment to have my Toyota Echo serviced. Since we were already up, my husband and I decided to go to Mingei World Arts and see the Oaxacan wood carvers there. Their name was Santiago, and they are from San Martin in Oaxaca. If I had thought ahead, I might have asked to videotape them at work. We won’t be going to Oaxaca this summer – there’s just no time.

We decided to bring Lupita, our dog. We loaded up in my husband’s car and drove down to Decatur, which is about 30 minutes from where we live. We found a parking place on the square and went to beg quarters to pay the meter. We put the Gentle Leader on the dog so that she would walk nicely with us. We found Mingei, and I tied the pooch to a low pipe near the wall of the store. She immediately started barking, but I hoped she would calm down eventually if we ignored her.

I went in, spoke to the owner and went back to meet the carvers. My husband hovered at the door, wishing the dog would stop barking. I stepped out for a second and said “Hush!” Lupita replied with four loud sharp barks. Great. I went back in while my husband hovered inside near the doorway, trying to keep her quiet. A few minutes later, I heard my husband call my name. It is never good when he uses my first name – usually, it’s “honeee…” or “dee-arrr” – if he says “Celeste” then I know that I am in trouble.

He told me to come outside right now. Then, he showed me where Lupita had wrapped around a big concrete planter and knocked it down, cracking it in the process. Great. Luckily, the owner was super nice, and pointed out that there were no plants in the pot – it was actually being used as an ashtray by passers-by. We disposed of the two broken pieces, dumped the dirt in an adjoining wooden planter nearby, and hid the big piece in the alley. Wheat stayed outside with the dog. I went back in and bought earrings, four heart milagros, and two small carvings: a frog and a turtle. Then we left.

We walked around a bit – I wanted to go to the Little Shop of Stories, an awesome children’s bookstore on the outside of the square. It also harbors the last vbingo.jpgestiges of the famous Jake’s Ice Cream. I found some cool books I want to get for my niece and nephews – maybe later for Christmas.

We decided to eat at Raging Burrito, and they were nice enough to sneak us (NOT thru the restaurant) to the back patio. I ordered a veggie quesadilla and an Orangina, and my husband had a HUGE burrito. We opted not to go to Jakes, only because our meter was running down. I may have to go back tomorrow, because of Jakes AND because I espied some lovely old rusty embossed tin on the side of the old wood planters. The design was embossed fleur de lis and I am itching to swipe some (maybe from the back!). In my defense, the tin is practically gone from the planter anyway.

After my nap, I went to pick up my car, and then stopped by JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby in search of baseball card collection pages. I am taking part in this ATC Mega-Swap on, and I need a place to keep track of them – there will be 20 in all. I also have decided to arrange my Loteria games in some order. I am happy to say that I received a brand new My Loteria game from Texas. It is designed by Christina Sosa Noriega and is really awesome. It is being sold at the H.E.B. stores in Texas.
Since we have now decided NOT to drive to Mexico, so I don’t know when I will get to a real store.candles8.jpg

I am still waiting for some sign of Zarela products in my local WalMart. They cleaned the shelves off completely – even the shower curtains – so I thought that was the end of things. But recently I saw some candles on E-Bay, so I went to the Zarela site. According to the site, they are actually expanding the region. I don’t understand it… I will keep checking. I cannot believe that they would stop selling those shower curtains – they were really hot on E-Bay. I have one more left in the package, but I don’t want to sell it just yet.

That makes me wonder about my Loterias – I have the Quilt Loteria and the Loteria Celeste. One day, I may have a complete set of cards. For now, I am going to work on designing enough to come out with a second calendar.


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  1. Alas, I am not seeing them in stores right now. I actually wrote an e-mail to Zarela asking about it, and I haven’t heard back! 😉 I just saw one on E-bay for $35-45! I can understand them yanking a lot of that bathroom stuff – I don’t think they were selling that well, but the Loteria shower curtain, placemats and cards should have stayed! Go to and write her! Good luck…

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