Art Show and Change of Travel Plans


Last weekend was pretty busy. I went with my husband to a family reunion in South Georgia – long trip to and from. When I got back, I was due at Binders Art Supply for the opening of the Cut That Out art show sponsored by the Atlanta Collage Society. Binders has a small art gallery space in the back of the store called the Limelight Gallery. I had two pieces in the show – my “Being a Winged Mother” and “Butterfly Girl” collages. It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of compliments on my work – it is very different from the others. I really loved seeing the work of the other members, too. There were some really great pieces.

Sunday, I went to my old stomping grounds in Vinings. There is a polo field there next to the Chattahoochee River, and I used to exercise polo ponies and and walk my dog there. I wanted to have a little picnic, but had to eat while walking because of the biting flies. It was still fun. Lupita, my current dog, is not one to wander far away, and she doesn’t like to swim in the river like Connolly did. I think she had a good time – we definitely don’t walk her enough.

Speaking of the dog, I have come up with a decision about my trip to Mexico. I was originally going to drive there with the dog (and husband) in my little red Toyota Echo. After spending a lot of time yesterday plotting out how to get from Atlanta to Morelia in 4 or 5 days, I was frustrated. I would have expenses there, too. We would need to pay for car insurance to drive across the border. I would need to have cash ready for gas and toll roads ($50 in tolls from Nuevo Laredo to Morelia). The toll roads are supposed to be fine, but then I read an article explaining that some were better maintained than others. I had been concerned about the wear and tear on my car – plus, we will have no garage in Morelia, and would need to park on the street.

The main reason I wanted to bring the dog (aside from her great company) was that I knew how expensive it would be to board her. There was also no satisfactory solution among family and friends. But, yesterday I decided to pay for her to be boarded. I will be paying for 5 weeks plus two “play days” per week. I will miss her, but it will make our trip less complicated. Fund for Teachers gave me a grant to study Spanish and to write articles on art and Mexican culture – not to blog about traveling by car with a dog!

We are also now going to fly. That will add ten days to my summer at home, both to prepare before the trip, and to work on my reflective piece and recuperate before pre-planning. I figure that my expenses as far a eating and travel will be taken care of during the trip, plus, I had budgeted for airfare and car rental in my proposal. I have already chosen a direct flight from Atlanta to Mexico City.

I hope my doggie will be okay… But I am trying to do what is best. If she were to run off or get stolen while I was in Mexico, I would be devastated. Also, if I asked someone I knew to take care of her, and something happened, I wouldn’t want there to be any discomfort. We will also be less restricted on where we can stay and go in Mexico.

So, now that I have found out that I can at least post entries from school, I may write more. I am still trying to decide whether I will continue my adventures in this blog, or make a special dedicated blog for FFT.


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