Swap Bot


I have had a pretty good week at school – we finally finished the abridged version of Tom Sawyer and I showed them the movie of Huckleberry Finn.  It was an old TV movie with Ron Howard as Huck Finn and Donny Most as Tom Sawyer.  They were a WHOLE lot bigger (older) than they were in the Tom Sawyer musical!  Although I assured my students that this was not a musical, there was a song called “Mississippi” that sounded like it was sung by Glenn Campbell.

Have I mentioned that I have yet to rid my brain of the Tom Sawyer music from the video I showed two weeks ago?  It’s pretty maddening.

I have spent my commutes listening to NPR and also to the cassette books on tape of the Magic Treehouse books I am thinking of springing on my students.  I find the voice assigned to the little sister very annoying, and I am not used to hearing “said” so many times, but I have to say that the stories are picking up in interest.  I am listening to Books 13 through 16, where Jack and Annie visit Ancient China (think terra cotta soldiers), Pompeii (just in time for the eruption of Vesuvius), and Ancient Greece (for the Olympics).  I still have to listen to the Viking story.  The annoying thing is that most of the cassettes are not properly rewound, so I am listening to the stories out of sequence.

I finally mailed off my contributions to the April Sampler, but almost forgot to put up my logo and blurb.  I sent 25 sets of two postcards each, and 25 Easter Bells.  Those took the longest time – although we are not allowed to send foodstuffs through the Sampler, I still felt like I needed to fill the bells with Easter grass and to pack them with cellophane and ribbon.  I printed out cards, packaged the things up in two shoeboxes, and left early Wednesday morning to mail them.

Last weekend, I got caught up with the Crafty Pod – Sister Diane’s podcast of all things crafty.  I was really excited to hear about a site called Swap Bot.  There, instead of searching the web for interesting exchanges of art, etc., you can browse the listings and decide which swaps you want to take part in.  It’s awesome!   There is a rating system out of 5, and apparently it is a difficult thing being a “newbie.”  I was already “banned” from a paper swap because I had not rating.  That’s there loss, because I have LOTS and LOTS of awesome papers.

I have signed up for an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap, and I have two months to produce 20 cards to be distributed.  So I am going to find more swaps to do, in order to get a rep!  There is everything from penpal swaps to recipe swaps, to filled Easter Egg swaps, all sorts of swaps!!!  If I stick with it, I would like to organize a Loteria swap!

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time working on some digital collaging.  I am printing the results out in ATC size (2.5 by 3.5 inches) and am going to hand color them.  I really love my Guadalupe card, as well as the dragon card and peacock card I came up with.  I am about to go downstairs and watch a Bob Moog documentary with my husband, so coloring might just be the thing I need to do while doing that!


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