Easter Bells and The Sampler


This weekend has been a bust so far – well, work-wise, that is. I have slept until almost noon yesterday and today. Yesterday, my husband, the dog, and I drove to Dallas (GA) to visit our Brazilian friends. I brought cake and belated birthday gifts for the two youngest sons (Magic Treehouse and Time Warp Trio books, of course…). We stayed for a couple of hours, then drove back home.

That took up the whole afternoon. I really wanted to take a nap when we got home, but I had dinner, THEN went to bed to read the latest Prevention magazine. Even getting to bed as early as that, I slept late today! Man, I’m old!05c8d56d08.jpg

The weather today is gorgeous, as it was yesterday. I plan on doing some painting out on the back porch. I have two Blue Dog Shrines sold that I need to decorate, and I am also going to work on a set of samples to send to The Sampler. I haven’t done that in a couple of months, and it really is good exposure. I am sending 25 sets of Loteria Quilt postcards, 25 sets of recipe cards to promote my Pour Deux baker (photos coming soon), and 25 sets of wooden painted eggs and 25 decorated bells to promote my Easter Bells.

Cloches volantes or Flying Bells are another important part of the French Easter tradition. French Catholic have a tradition that on Good Friday all the church bells in France miraculously fly to the Vatican in Rome. They carry with them all the misery and grief of those who mourn Jesus’ crucifixion on that day. These flying French bells then return on Easter morning in time for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. They of course bring with them lots of chocolate and eggs which are left in yards for the children to collect in their baskets when they wake up in the morning. In keeping with the tradition, French church bells do not ring from Good Friday to Easter morning.

There is a great article by Susan Hermann Loomis (of On Rue Tatin fame) called Bells and Fishes that addresses this strange tradition.

Two years ago, I sold my bells filled with Hershey’s Kisses and wrapped in cellophane with irridescent Easter grass and colorful curling ribbon. I also included a card with an explanation of the tradition. I really need to move them – but first, I need to decorate them!


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