Typical Temptations


Today was an early release day – the kids left at 11:30. I had some research to do for the history/literature lesson plan I am doing, so I left early to do that. And, to have lunch with my mom – sushi at Ru San. After that, I went to a Barnes and Noble store to fill in the gaps of my research books and to buy a birthday gift for a friend’s kids.

I went to a lovely shopping center called The Forum – it’s one of those new shopping centers that has the outside of the stores facing a boulevard. As long as I was there, I decided to check out the Pier One Kids store. I had seen some table top croquet sets. I had bought some of those, along with the ring toss sets, a couple of years ago, but then I gave them away as gifts. Then, I decided to teach Alice in Wonderland to my class, and they didn’t know what croquet was. Of course, the only ones I could find online were ridiculously expensive. Now I have three and theymchelleframe were only $5 each.

While I was there, I spied the irresistable: a wooden frame with hinged doors. When I had the shrine frame drought, and before I ordered the ones from China, I was all over the internet looking for a substitute. And look at this: hand carved, with easel AND hanging brad, with louvers. Now, I will have to find a way to put a panel over the inside of the louvers, but it’s a cute outside. Now on sale for $5!!! Typical!

I bought all three that they had left, and also found out that they do not send their clearance items to the Pier 1 Imports Clearance Store (right around the corner from where I live). I went home and went online to see about ordering more. Of course, there are no more online, and no more at the only other Pier 1 Kids in the vicinity. I could start calling stores, but I am trying to get a grip. I put in a request to be alerted when they are available again online – but I will probably do a little calling around… It’s what I do. And on top of that, I had just paid off my Pier 1 Platinum card, only to charge more today!


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