Time to Organize (No, really, I mean it!)


I finally got in touch with one of my friends who has just sold her house. And now, she is coming to spend the night in my guest room on Tuesday night. My guestroom is also my studio. Let’s just say that, at the moment, it is in no condition to receive guests. In particular, my bathroom has paint stains in the sink, and boxes of skulls and coffins in the tub.

My husband and I have just about finished cleaning the middle floor, but I have only just begun to work on my office. For one thing, I decided to put together some left-over plastic shelving and put it in the room. Believe me – this is challenge. I currently have a large corner computer desk on one side of the room, flanked by a conglomeration of storage to the right. I have taken an old table/desk and stacked a 3 tier folding bookshelf on top of it. I also had two table/shelves from Pier One standing next to each other – each with another storage unit stacked on top. I do have one tall bookshelf, and a couple of tables – Oh, and the qu32663194_tp.jpgeen-sized sleeper sofa. So, space along the walls is tight.

I am really good at organizing things – when they are somewhere else. I have organized and coordinated all of the National Geographic books in our department – and there are about 300-600 of those. I have also organized and inventoried all of our readers and reading materials, and prepared some items to go to the high school. And, just this past week, I have sought out and made a list of all of the Time Warp Trio and Magic Treehouse series chapter books with the idea of using them in a project.

Yesterday, while at Goodwill (looking for books), the children’s books were in such chaos that I started to straighten them up – I had done two shelves, and then I saw a Goodwill worker start to straighten from the other side. He was wearing rubber gloves. I then started wondering where the little hands that handle the book had been… So I stopped, and went to wash my hands. I ended up leaving with a silk skirt from Nieman-Marcus, a Donna Buchman jacket (black lace over chartreuse fabric – pretty funky!), and a silk leopard print blouse. The skirt is too small, but I couldn’t resist – I will probably pass it on to my niece. It probably cost $100 or more at the store.

So, I have been wondering if maybe I should be a media specialist. I really do like finding materials and sharing them with colleagues – whether they want them or not… I like books, and I like buying books. I also like kids, but would not be sad to have a limited contact with them. The library ladies at our school always seem to be having a good time- and they don’t have to let a student in unless he has a pass. When classes are there, the teacher is supposed to be the disciplinarian. I think the only thing that would get me down is the graffiti and loss of books.

So, time to get to work! I also have some E-Bay sales to ship and some more items to put up for auction.


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