Last Day of Vacation


Yes, it’s Sunday. Tomorrow, I have to return to school. I am in the middle of coloring my hair – it was really gray at the roots! We can’t have that! I also need to shave my legs, and do my nails – both finger and toe. Aren’t you glad I shared?

Yesterday was spent on the road from noon til 3PM, on the relentless search for fabric. I definitely have this obsession with buying out stuff. It started with the search for Zarela Casa products to sell on E-Bay – they were only available at certain WalMarts. Then, it was my haunting of the Hobby Lobby stores in search of the frames I used to make my shrines. That finally ended in my ordering 100 tailor-made shrine frames from China… I am trying to learn to order most things, and keep track of suppliers, but I am not able to pin down all things.  AH Guadalupe
At the moment, I am searching for this certain fabric from Alexander Henry – it is the one that I use to cut out the Guadalupe figures that I use on my crosses and sheer shrines. I was afraid of running out, as it is discontinued. So far, I have stockpiled 23+ yards. That’s a LOT of Guadalupes! I have started selling it on E-Bay now, and yesterday’s trip yielded 7 more yards. I know, I have a problem.  And now, I am finding more and more different images… Stop the madness!

Last night, after dropping the dog off and making the rounds of JoAnn’s, Hancock’s, TJMaxx, and Hobby Lobby, I finally settled down to working on orders. Finally, it seems that my Etsy site is attracting customers! I had several orders come my way while I was in Florida, as well as the E-Bay auctions that closed upon my return. Last night, I worked on 2 Blue Dog Shrines, 3 Sheer Guadalupe Shrines, and 2 Guadalupe crosses. Almost done…

The weather is gorgeous today!  I have tried to hang out on the back porch for a while, but the wind makes piecing things like paper and fabric difficult!  It’s really best for drying paint!  I also had my husband take pictures of newer works so that I could put them up on E-Bay! Check out my latest auctions!

Maybe I’ll take a nap.


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