Year of the Pig


I am officially on break right now – this school year, the system is trying ouboart one-week breaks for Thanksgiving, February, and Spring (April) with a little bit longer for Christmas and New Years. I like!

Okay, so tomorrow is the celebration for Year of the Pig. Actually, according to Chinese Astrology, this is the year of the Fire Pig. Which means… the year of BAR-B-Q!!! I know, I am very clever.

So, in honor of the year, I have designed a digital collage called Year of the Boar (you can either call it Pig or Boar). It is now available in my CafePress shop on T-shirts, posters, and other products – I love CafePress! My ultimate goal is to live a life of artistic luxury while CafePress sends me checks every month. I am not there yet, but a girl can dream.

Here is how I do my business. To date, I now have the Maison Celeste CafePress Shop, the Maison Celeste Etsy Shop (which, for some reason, I labelled “tiedyefor”), and my auctions on E-Bay. I was going to have a Yahoo! store, but the interface and possible necessity of inventory freaked me out! I am definitely into user-friendly interfaces. I recently discovered Auctiva, where I can keep my auction templates all together, along with my uploaded pictures. Auctiva is great, because it allows me to put more than one picture up without paying E-Bay for extra pictures (I don’t know how they do that).

I use PayPal for my online transactions, of course, and I can directly invoice people for independent purchases. Finally, I take advantage of USPS for shipping. I still hate shipping, but now I don’t really have to go to the post office. They will ship boxes and envelopes right to my door, I can pay for postage online through PayPal or directly on the USPS site. Then, I can schedule a pick up right at my front door for the next day! Cool, huh?

I don’t know how this turned into a summary of my business practices, but there you go. If there’s anything I need to improve, it is my real-life, person to person networking. I am very reticent to approach retailers and shop keepers to sell my stuff. There are lots of reasons:

  • I don’t think they will want to buy them to sell in their shops.
  • I have worked retail and know that you sometimes don’t get paid on time – or at all – for items you leave on consignment.
  • Big fear: What if they DO want my stuff, but I cannot possibly produce the amount that they want. Deadlines are not my strong point…

I also should get involved in art associations, and other networking clubs. I am starting with the Atlanta Collage Society, and may enter one of my pieces in a show.

Okay, enough of that – tomorrow, my husband and I are going to Savannah and then, on to Saint Augustine to stay in a bed and breakfast. I will try and relax for a while – I need a rest, believe me! We are boarding my dog, Lupita, for the first time. I hope that it goes well. We are going to pay extra for her to have Doggy Day Care on two of the days. I still feel guilty. Especially since they will also be bathing her – she hates that – before we pick her up. Hey, better them than me!


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