My Real Age


I’m old – It’s so sad. I have recently taken the Real Age Quiz and I am supposedly about 9 years older than I really am. No – I’m not going to tell you how old I am. My husband is supposedly 2 years younger than his actual age – but I think he cheated. But that makes me 11 years older than he is. Demi Moore, eat your heart out.

Last week, I purchased You: On a Diet. I am in the midst of ruminating on changes that I can make in my lifestyle. At present, I drive home from school and generally take a 2 hour nap. Part of it is the student body I have this year, part of it is the commute, and part of it is just plain habit. I find that if I go somewhere else after school (such as TJMaxx or to the mall), I generally can forgo the nap.

Oh, and part of the napping is avoidance. I have a dog that wants to be walked, but it is too cold outside (this coming from a woman who used to take riding lessons in the cold at night about twice a week – when did I become such a wimp?). I also am behind on my orders. Today is the day I get caught up! By the way, I have about 18 auctions up on E-Bay at present: Check them out!

I will stop with the self-criticism for the moment. This week has gone by like a blur, and after next week (conference week), I have an 11-day break. I like this newest school year plan. My husband and I may go somewhere and try out a two day boarding situation for the dog. She has never been boarded before, but we have a new Man’s Best Friend just across the highway, and they offer “doggie day care” and boarding.

Last Monday, we (my husband, the dog, and I) went in for a training consultation there. My dog has not had obedience training yet, and is pretty hostile to men. We figure that she must have been mistreated by a man as a wee puppy. She likes my husband, and for some reason, my next-door neighbor, but when most men come near her, she growls and backs up.

Of course, the trainer we met with was a man. We played it cool, and she paced around and whined and growled. Finally, I went over and sat next to the man on the floor. She approached him and after some time, took a biscuit from his hand. He said that this was a good approach (I know – this is not my first animal), and showed that if I actually took his hand, that she would see more clearly that we were friends. So now, I guess I need to “get friendly” with all male visitors to our house…

The consultation was very professional, and I have no doubts about their ability to train my dog (they would keep her for 2 weeks, then show us how to work with her). We are not ready to pay $1200 to $1400 for the program. It is great, however, to know about the boarding services.

At first, I considered going to Louisiana for Mardi Gras, but we have done that before. I really wanted to consider going to Saint Augustine, FL – I haven’t been there since I was 8 or 9. We could also pass through Savannah on the way. We were thinking about Asheville, but I want there to be a possibility of it being WARM.


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