New Calendar


A couple of months ago – maybe even last year – I uploaded my collages to I planned on selling prints on demand, just as I have done with all of my other designs. I love the variety of products available there, and I do not have to buy a large amount of stock to sell. If someone wants a t-shirt, or poster, or cards, he or she can just order one, and I get a mark-up amount. Business has grown, especially since I stacollage calendarrted promoting my shop through The Sampler.

Last year, I also had a great time designing a calendar with my Loteria Celeste cards. I went to great trouble to accommodate the sizes needed for the calendar format, and learned a lot about Adobe PhotoShop. Then, I started to adapt my collages to make another calendar. I ran out of steam until this week, when I finally finished the Maison Celeste Collage Calendar! Yay for me! I have ordered 5 of them to give as gifts.

The cover is an homage to my dog, Connolly, who passed away a year ago January 11th. I had been playing around with pictures of tin nichos that I found online. I also had a great picture of Connolly when we used to visit Hard Labor Creek State Park, which I altered for an impressionist effect. The background is a quilt design, and it was great how the colors all fell together. I ended up having to lighten the cross, though, because it was a little too much of a good thing. Next up, a Loteria Quilt Calendar.

I have to admit to being pretty lazy in my writing right now. I am not even keeping a paper journal. I was originally going to participate in NaNoWriMo this November, but realized that I already had too many things on my plate, and that this was probably just a distraction. Maybe next year!

I am getting together “home-made” things to give as gifts for Christmas this year. I have ordered t-shirts from my CafePress shop for my nieces and nephews. For McKenzie, I have chosen La Paloma – I was going to choose La Bailarina, but she is taking a dance break right now. For Robert, I chose La Calavera with black sleeves – he’s going through a kind of Goth phase. For Aidan, the youngest, I chose El Diablito – because that is what he is!!! I have new little niece on my husband’s side, and she’s getting a little pink La Rosa t-shirt.

It’s late, and I want to go to sleep – I still have to re-sheet the bed. This afternoon, while I was zealously digging up canna lilies and throwing them on the other side of the fence, my dog, Lupita, was wandering around the neighborhood. Our subdivision is surrounded by a fence, but I have noticed that the pooch is wandering farther afield. This time, she returned with a black container in her mouth. Powder was cascading out of it, and she dropped it. I was able to nab it without the usual game of “keep away” only to find that it was an old container of Fire Ant Killer.


My other dog, Connolly, was no stranger to poisons – having visited the emergency room three times in her 14 years. The first was for eating rat poison at camp – I am totally sure she ingested poison, and had to drive her to Arden, NC to have her treated. The other two times, I was not at all sure that she had ingested poison – one was in Mobile when I returned from dinner to find that she had rounded up all of the roach baits in my motel room. The second time was an ant bait situation. I still brought her to the vet, because it is better to be safe than sorry.

After a half an hour of debate and internet inquiry, I decided that Lupita had to go to Banfield. This is so much fun, as she growls at the vet assistants when they try to take her “temperature” and even when they wield the stethoscope. In addition to that, my vet was a man – Lupita does not like men (of course, except for my husband and next-door neighbor), so she growled at him. When he suggested that he take the leash, I said that it would probably be better if I held her.

Even though she was showing no ill effects, the decision (a $156 decision) was made to induce vomiting and to treat with activated charcoal. I wandered around the PetsMart and read a book about adopted dogs while they tried to get her to vomit. So now, we are at home, chilling out. I will have to control my desire to let her run around from now on. Darn.

Time for bed – I have a crock pot concoction simmering away: chicken thighs with onions and mushrooms. I have topped that with a can of chicken noodle soup that I pureed and added pisco to, as well as lavendar and Herbes de Provence, celery seed, and thyme. Don’t make a face – I am sure it will be great!!!


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  1. I am so happy to find your blog again. I was afraid that something might have happened to make you stop writing. I used to read tiedyefor all of the time. I love your blue dog shrines. Glad to see you back.

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