New Guadalupe Shrines


Well, I worked for two full days on coming up with five standard designs for my Guadalupe Sheer Shrine. I have made nPink openote of all of the supplies needed for each shrine. I am trying to be vigilant so that I don’t get caught unprepared and run out of stuff. Of course, I know that I have limited access to the box itself, so I am warning interested parties that these will probably not last long after Christmas! To the right is my pink shrine (I have named them after the outer ribbon border color), closed. Notice how the Virgin peeks out from behind the door. That is exactly the effect I was thinking about when I first saw the boxes. I have posted all of the pictures on my Flickr page (here) and also put them up for sale on Maison Celeste Etsy Store.

pink closed Here is the same box, opened. I made the flowers myself. I LOVE hot pink and orange together. Back when I was in middle school, and thought that I was going to have a racing stable, those were my chosen colors. My second choice was red and yellow. I am just a fan of bright colors, I guess. So, there are four other designs, each with a different Virgin. Next, I am going to work on four versions of my painted crosses. Until then, since I got soooo much done, I am sorting sequins. Yes, into different colors. Next, I will put all of the sequins of similar color in a common caddy, sorted into various shapes. I know, anal.

I also finally completed a special order for a Blue Dog Shrine frame. I had a request from a former client who had herspurple dog open stolen – gee, how flattering! This is great fun, because since it was a custom order, I was able to use an image I don’t commonly use. I think I used this Blue Dog for my friend in Houston, but with a green frame. I had a BLAST making it. I have to use only cards for the ones I sell on E-Bay, but I have done a couple of custom ones. You can see them as well on my Flickr page. I just got finished ordering 13 copies of the 2006 Blue Dog Calendar datebook, which is supposed to have a different piece on each page. I think that I can use them in my upcoming shrines.

Speaking of which, I just went to the bank today and send a wire transfer to China to order the new frames that I had to have made. I will have to raise my prices, but I think that it will be totally worth it. Until then, I think that I am going to make three last shrines with the frames that I salvaged from the discount bin at Hobby Lobby. They are in sad shape, but I think I can work with them. I also have about thirty miniature Spanish doors I bought about 2 years ago that I need to make something with.

Of course, I am getting all of this inspiration and steam up just two weeks before school starts. Typical. Next Tuesday, my husband, the dog, and I are headed for the mountains of North Carolina. I need some relaxing time. I also need for it to be cooler.


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