Our Lady of Color


I made my first sale on Etsy.com! AND it’s the most money yet that anyone had paid forOur Lady of Color my work so far! Yay! It’s also one of my more recent works – experimenting with flat canvas board and paint with the collage. It’s so exciting!!! I am always astonished whenever people pay money for my work – but I am getting used to it now. I will miss my Lady, but at least I have her in picture form. Go check out my other offerings at tiedyefor.etsy.com.

Well, I heard from the guy at the DIY Network about my extra craft. He said that he loved it! But then, like the other things, he asked if I had any more “variations.” He said that they were not doing a Christmas show, and the ornaments would not be used. He even gave me some suggestions about what I might try.

At first, I shot back a grateful e-mail and prepared myself for another brainstorming session. Then, after the e-mail was sent, I started to think. Gee, it’s a half hour show. The reason I was coming up with the napkin idea was to augment the show about the story boxes. Isn’t this enough? I sent the e-mail to my mother, sister, and some other friends – and Mom and Sis said that it seemed like he was making me jump through hoops.

I think that I will find a nice way to say that I would do more variations on the teapot (I’m working on a thrift store jewelry armoire right now), but that this was it for me. I have already neglected a couple of orders that are already paid for in pursuit of the TV deal.

Speaking of wasting time… I am so enamored of WordPress, that I started another blog. It’s called The Cowgirl Clubhouse. I have this game called Cowgirls Ride the TrailCowgirl Game of Truth. I actually have just the travel deck, which looks a bit like a Trivial Pursuit deck, except that the categories are different, there are no right answers, and there is a cowgirl pic and quote on the back. I am going to post questions from my deck, and people can use it for blog ideas. This is what is called a meme. It is (hopefully) going to be a discussion group, and I hope people feel free to comment! You can buy the game at Cowgirls Game.com. It’s a great idea for a party or get together.

I am about to attempt my first wire transfer to China. It’s time to commit to the purchase of my shrine frames. I have never done a wire transfer before, so I went to Google. At first, PayPal was an option, but I don’t want to make the company on the other end join PayPal. So I am going to have to go through my bank, as Western Union is definitely too expensive. I found this handy tutorial on eHow.com.

What else? I made reservations at The Beech Mountain Inn for four nights next week. We are bringing the dog. It is about 5 hours north and is supposed to be cooler. That’s what we’re going for – the cool! Then, it’s back to school!


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