Welcome to Maison Celeste!


After having been faithful to Diaryland for so long, I have decided to move my blog to WordPress. To be honest, I made a blog in Blogger, but will use that for something else. WordPress was recommended by Sister Diane of CraftyPod, so I checked it out. I was completely sold when I found the Fleur de Lys layout. Tres cool!

Teapot Lamp

I also have been wanting to add pictures to my entries, so I will be fooling around with that a bit. To the left (I hope…) is a decoupage lamp I did for my proposal to the DIY network. I have been going back and forth with the “idea guy” for the past week. He is the one who contacted me about being on Craft Lab – he was very interested in my Loteria Story Boxes. The catch is that they don’t think that the story boxes alone were enough to fill a whole show where I would be the featured guest. They needed another – and these were the words they used – similar craft to present as well.

I sent a variety of things that I had already produced, including an Advent calendar I made for my mother, and the two mini cabinets that I had redone in Loteria and Italian papers, as well as a variation on the story boxes using the Teresa Villegas Loteria deck. They wanted something else, so I worked until 3AM on my Memoirs of a Geisha box – a larger version of the story box using a cigar box. He loved it, but said that they needed something “not box-like” as the other craft…


I tried not to get frustrated, but worked with my mom to think outside of the box – sorry, I couldn’t let that one go. I finally decided to use my mom’s idea of decorating Christmas ornaments with paper napkins. I did some ornaments, but also did the teapot. Then, much wackiness ensued as I scoured Hobby Lobby and Target for the right lampshade, put the whole thing together, and had my husband do the photography. He is much better at it – at one point when I was going it alone, I was actually trying to hold a frame with balls hanging (swinging) from it with my right hand, while going for shutter button with my left.

After all of that, my husband and I met Mother downtown to go to an art gallery. First we dined at the Doc Greens on Ponce de Leon. It’s a pretty neat concept – I had the Dr. Detroit with steak on top. It’s just about the LEAST healthy thing on the menu, aside from the spinach. But, hey, their motto is “as healthy as you want to be.” Apparently I was not in a healthy mood.

Crawfish poster Then we went to the Barbara Archer Gallery at Inman Park, mainly to see a series of works by Troy Dugas. Troy is an artist and adjunct professor at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, where I used to live and go to school. Although we had never met, we found that we had people that we knew in common. His work is fabulous – he does radial and geometric pieces using labels – cigar, bean, beer, etc. He also did the current poster for the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. Isn’t that awesome? I have to say that his work was the highlight of the show.

Yesterday I was, for some reason, in a cleaning mood. I folded clothes, made the bed, and then I totally re-organized my kitchen. For a day, at least, all of my pots and pans are not in sight. We’ll see how long that lasts. I have moved them to what used to be my “liquor cabinet.” Now, all of the booze is in the half bath next to the kitchen, under the sink. Next to the dog food. I also worked on my studio downstairs, although I have a lot more to do before that is done.


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