My NaNoWriMo Novel


Yes, I spent a LOT of time on Sunday evening, trying to make a cool looking template for this site! Oh, well! I was almost there!

I have managed to find two photo albums, and a bunch of letters from my year in Angers, as well as my journal and agenda. I suspect that there are other things floating around, but I think this will do. I was thinking last night of my “outline.” Here is what I have, so far:

I. The Decision to Go

II. The summer before I went (Escape Velocity)

III. September: Pre-Stage

IV. October: New roommate (also the RU – that is, restaurant universitaire!)

V. November: Toussaint and Thanksgiving

VI. December: London for Christmas, and visit from Mom and David

VII. January: Fete des Rois

VIII. February: Spain

IX. March: Les Giboulets de Mars, snowbound?

X. April: Trip to St. Raphael/Birmingham

XI. May: Jersey trip

XII. June: Leaving Angers

I know that we also visited families in a little town called LaFleche, not far from Angers, as well as Vetheuil and Paris. I just have to place those in the right months! I started out thinking that I would do one chapter per month, from September to May, with the summer before – that would have been 10 chapters: 1 per 3 days… But I found a lot of stuff I had written about the pre-screening and I think that it is important to have an Epilogue… I will work on the timeline today.

I also need to get my characters together – there are so many! There are the ones at home, at school, families visited and people encountered in travel… I think I am off to a good start!

I have told a few people at work what I will be doing. At least I haven’t forgotten about it, like I was afraid I would. Still, next week will be the real challenge!


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