Prepare for NaNoWriMo


How do I make sure that I:

Don’t run out of enthusiasm before Nov. 1? I know that it sounds silly, but my life is so wacky at times that something could come up before that – or I could be off on another great creative idea (that also won’t get finished…)

Don’t become daunted by the task ahead of me? I really enjoyed visiting the NaNoWriMo site and reading the suggestions of others. I am aiming for 1,700 words per day – that was the suggestion of another participant. That way, I would be ahead of the game: 30 x 1,700 = 51,000.

Don’t get distracted with other work while I am supposed to be writing? This year, I am head of the Cultural Diversity committee, for which I have published one newsletter, and need to publish one for this month. I will try and do that this week. I am also supposed to help a colleague with a video we are planning for the newcomers to our school who don’t speak English. That is also something that can be done before – maybe.

I am trying to make my lesson plans “teacher friendly” – easy planning, easy grading. Computer Lab on Fridays.

I went on the Internet to find some links to Angers – to remind me of what it looks like! I also made some mental notes about things that I did while I was there. One thing that really came back to me was my Walkman. I had lots of tapes made and would walk around town, listening to music from home. I definitely have a recollection of playing “All Right With the Boys” by Joan Jett, as I descended the stairs of the cathedral to walk home by the ramparts of the castle.

There are lots of music memories. I had the soundtrack to “The Big Chill” – my friend, Chris, said he never wanted to hear that again! I remember Chris DeBurgh’s “I Love the Night” – my British roommate would blast that and sing along. I think her boyfriend gave her the tape. Boy George, “99 Luftballoons” – and, of course, all sorts of French music. I hope I can find that tape!

I may change this template – I don’t see links along the side for quick reference. I might want to add links to relevant city websites. I also visited La Fleche, Vetheuil, Saumur, Paris, La Rochelle, St. Malo, the chateaux of the Loire, St. Rafael, La Foux d’Allos, Jersey, Birmingham, the Cotswolds, Bath, Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo!


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